Instructions For Making Moon Cakes Asia Vietnam

How to make a very simple traditional cake for a clumsy person is also successful Applying the following recipe, you can completely make your own delicious, standardized, hygienic baked goods for the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival!

1. Preparation: Although baking and cake does not take much time, if you want to make your own [a link=””]Moon cake[/a] everything from A – Z, there are a few things that will need to be prepared many days in advance such as:

– Making salted eggs: minimum salt time of 20-30 days. Maybe more than one egg salt at a time. After the eggs are fully cooked, beat the yolks and treat the eggs like the salted eggs in this article. This yolk can be frozen for many weeks. Thaw in refrigerator cooler and use normally.

How to make salted eggs

– Making Mai Que Lo wine: Mai Que Lo wine makes mixed kernels much more delicious, the minimum time for soaking is 2-3 weeks, but the longer it is left, the better the wine.

– Cooking sugarcane juice: at least 10-14 days before baking, the longer it is, the longer the broth will give the crust a beautiful darker color, the soft shell is easy to handle, and the taste after baking is also better.

– Buying cake molds and other tools: About 2 – 2.5 months ago Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam started to have many places to sell molds. Should buy from this time because there are many beautiful designs and prices are also cheaper than mid-autumn range.

* Note: Our [a link=””]Moon cake[/a] recipes do not use ash water because natural ash water is not easy to find, while industrial ash water can be harmful to health. For more detailed explanation, please see in this article.

2. How to make BACON

2.1. Prepare the cake. Now Savory Days has introduced how to make kernels

Green bean filling
Lotus puree
Red bean paste
Green tea filling (variations from green bean fillings)
Pineapple leaf filling (variations from green bean filling)
Passion fruit filling
Tiramisu with raisin (chocolate, coffee, Rum grape)
Coconut milk filling
Mixed multiplication
Taro – purple sweet potato
Black sesame seeds
Of the above types, the green bean filling is the most basic of the puree. The way the slug filled with green beans can be similar to many other types of puree such as lotus, red beans … In addition, with the “base” of green beans, you can add flavors like green tea, leaves pineapple, chocolate … or nuts (melon, squash, sesame) to create new kernels.

If you want to add salted eggs in the filling, you can refer to how to process and wrap the salted egg here.

– To make the filling smooth, supple and clear, and not dry, break or break when cutting, there are a few basic principles:

Grind the kernels well with plenty of water: water makes the grinding easier and also avoids the blender from being overloaded leading to a fire.
Add sugar and oil early. You can add sugar to cook with the filling before grinding. Cooking oil is mixed while the kernel is still very liquid. Cooking oil too late is the leading cause of oil backflow when slug.
Slug on low fire. The fire is too big / the pan is too hot also causes oil flow.
The average time of slug filling is about 1-2 hours (excluding cooking / steaming and grinding time). Although there are some other ways slug using the microwave or adding flour … help shorten this time. But according to the experience of the seniors who have been working for a long time with moon cakes, the more careful the slug will help the kernel to last longer (maybe for a dozen days without damage).

After the slug has finished filling, it should be turned around occasionally to prevent the kernel from drying out. When the kernel is cooled down, divide it into small parts, the ball becomes a round cake. If not used immediately, plastic can be wrapped and stored in a zippered bag, refrigerated for use during the day or in the freezer (used for 2-3 months, when using thaw in the cooler).

If the cake has an oil flow phenomenon when the slug, add boiling water to dissolve the filling, then slug from the top and let the fire be lower.

2.2. Making cake crust, baking, preserving:

– How to make a cake bake with the basic cake crust recipe, the way to bake, and toss an egg is written in the article on how to make a moon cake. In the article, I also have instructions on how to adjust the recipe to have a soft or dry crust as desired.

– In addition to the basic golden brown crust recipe, the Mid-Autumn Festival 2015 in Vietnam has a trend of making colorful moon cakes with food colors extracted from natural vegetables. You can refer to the following articles:

>> How to color foods from natural vegetables
>> Green tea cake crust (filled with red beans)
>> Yellow chrysanthemum crust (saffron flavor, lemon lime, passion fruit filling)
>> Red velvet rose crust (beetroot color, coffee chocolate rum filling)
>> Some of the common problems with pies crust are:

>> The crust is too hard and not soft
>> The crust is soft right after baking and is wet and shiny after 2-3 days
>> The crust is too dry or chewy, and the mold is finished and is out of focus
>> The crust is out of focus during or after baking
>> The crust does not retain the color (if using natural color)
>> The crust is cracked, broken
>> The cake is bulging in the wall, swelling of the legs
>> The kernel is separated from the shell.
>> The causes and ways to overcome these phenomena I have explained in the following two articles:

Solves common problems with moon cakes

How to fix cake crust is soft, split or hard
– Baking cakes after 1-3 days will turn down the oil, the skin will be softer and more brown. Cake should be stored in a cool and airy place. If the cake is left in a closed container (ie a steam pump), a desiccant bag is required.

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