Street fashion variety early summer of young people

The secret to mixing motifs is to choose the main nine-tone color and mix the motifs based on that tone. For this set, she opted for an orange-red tone and blended polka dots, tartan and floral patterns for a feminine style with a hint of grungy.

The ombre trend

Still a favorite choice for girls with personality and femininity. Combining [a link=””]Oversized[/a] shoulder-off T-shirts with maxi [a link=””]Skirts[/a] and flower mane with two main tones of white and purple to create a bohemian style fashion set with a little indie but equally sweet and feminine.

Crop top is indeed a must-have item this spring. Wear a unique and unique crop top when combined with rivet red shorts, snapback caps, chunky bracelet and boots accessories.

Midi pencil skirt

Can not wear with feminine style, but can also combine with personality style. Items such as printed graphic vest, leather gile, creepers shoes and beanie hat created a surprise effect for the already familiar midi skirt.

Extreme personality with tomboy style and skate girl, this girl mixes muscle tee with torn black skinny pants and black and white accessories such as snapback hat, sneakers and minimal backpack. Not too complicated, comfortable, convenient, but not least cool!

Style with two-tone white-black

Combine very cleverly 2 item statement plaid blazer jacket and patterned T-shirt. But a strong, personality item like the spiked ankle boots and the blazer create a perfect contrast to the feminine tulle skirt.

The camouflage pattern still proves its hotness with young people who like strong and dusty style. This girl combines a sweatshirt with streetwear [a link=””]Shirt[/a] and torn denim [a link=””]Shorts[/a] to create a casual style set. Her high-neck boots with a lot of buckle strap gave off an unexpected highlight and completed her set.

Fashion Icon Mayo Wo

It’s beautiful and sweet with polka-dot tulle [a link=””]Skirts[/a] combined with impressive floral-textured lita boots. She also cleverly mixed 2 motifs with a basic black long sleeve [a link=””]Shirt[/a] to neutralize the set and not create a feeling of confusion.

Sweet with 2 tones of cream and metallic gold. Mixing cream on cream style clothes combined with feminine accessories such as statement necklace, 2-tone high heels and an impressive clutch box as a highlight.

Outstanding with a typical retro mix, she used a peterpan collar sleeveless [a link=””]Shirt[/a] and lovely heart-shaped denim [a link=””]Shorts[/a] with a messenger bag. The interesting point of the set is the super cool round-rimmed eyeglasses accessory and is expected to be the most sought-after accessory item in the summer to come.

A sweatshirt with an interesting slogan

Jeans fit well with faded lines and interesting lacerations, boots or Docs shoes are must-have items that any guy should have in his wardrobe.

Cleverly mix 2 plaid and striped patterns together by minimizing the tone and combining with neutral colors such as black bow, shoes and brown bowler hat.

Robust and strong with a simple set of T-shirts and jeans but accentuated with accessories such as metallic-rimmed wayfarer glasses and an impressive large watch – a simple style but equally powerful and attractive Right?

The coming summer means that the boys will wear [a link=””]Shorts[/a] to create comfort. Why not try to break a little with quitted shirts, prominent color shorts, right? Pay close attention, you will notice that this guy is very attentive to the small details when adding the orange color of the [a link=””]Shorts[/a] to accessories such as the hat and shoelaces.

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