How to coordinate with oversized shirts for summer fashion

For young people who always love personality styles, new and somewhat “freak”, the concept of [a link=””]Oversized[/a] (oversized) outfits has become so familiar. Although it has just appeared and received attention from a few years ago, the baggy outfits have quickly become a fashion trend that is loved by the mischievous, disruptive ways it brings. for the wearer. And in the list of items of the prevailing [a link=””]Oversized[/a] trend, spacious, sleek, no-waist shirts are the most familiar and easy to mix item. However, if the combination is not right or less subtle, this familiar outfit will easily turn you into a sloppy girl.

Skinny pants

The first rule that you need to be aware of if you don’t want to “swim” in baggy shirts is the compensation rule. It sounds complicated, but it is actually too easy: you should only combine this item with tight pants, tight [a link=””]Shorts[/a] and especially skinny pants. Because, when you combine the oversized “whole tree”, you will look extremely humorous and funny, just like the “clowns”.

Among tight-fitting items, skinny pants design is an outfit that will bring you a stylish and impressive look, almost immediately. In particular, there are so many styles of skinny pants that are suitable for you to choose from: from skinny striped, pastel or neon tones, stylish motifs … or just a black skinny pants is enough. to “balance” your proportions. Therefore, this is an extremely “safe” mix, but always with high efficiency.

Pants disappeared

As if born for the style of “disappearing pants”, those who love personality style and bold “summer” breath will not be able to miss the [a link=””]Oversized[/a] shirts. Too simple, just combine this type of outfit with [a link=””]Shorts[/a] or short skirt in the style of a jacket over the pants / skirt and make it “disappear”, you have the standard “disappearing pants” style. On a hot summer day, this mix of clothes will quickly win the hearts of her by the comfort and coolness it brings. The “dwarf mushrooms” can also cheat their height effectively with this special style.

There is a thing, to be more suitable with your country’s culture, you should deliberately reveal a bit of “traces” of [a link=””]Shorts[/a] / skirts, in order to avoid being misunderstood as … forgetting to wear pants.

High-low poses

You want to create a new, impressive with just a simple detail? It’s too easy, just a little quick-compact-light operation, namely plugging in the front flap of the shirt, letting go of the rear flaps naturally. Only this “pretty baby” detail means you have created a trendy high-low look, making the outfit less monotonous. Or, you can also change the flap in the “one lost, one longer” style as below. And so, people will quickly be attracted by the image of a girl with a strong personality and is not afraid to “play” with outfits like you.

Dress shirt

With a [a link=””]Shirt[/a] that is too long and too wide, how should I improvise? Let’s turn it into … dress. This plan is especially effective for girls “pepper baby”. There is a thing, to “safer” more, you should wear a [a link=””]Shorts[/a] inside!

If this “dress” is too loose and swallows your figure, thin belts will be the perfect measure to save you.

A measure of “cheating” the length of the extreme “extreme” legs is again, plugging in the barrel of [a link=””]Oversized[/a] shirts with high-waisted [a link=””]Shorts[/a] / legs. The opposite person’s eyes will not be able to leave the perfect body proportions as well as the personality that this duo brings.

If combined with high waist denim shorts, you will have a naughty, youthful [a link=””]Fashion[/a] style with a bit of classic direction. In addition, this summer, tailored [a link=””]Shorts[/a] are also extremely popular and easily combined with oversized shirts. And if you want to build the image of a mature, mature girl, mix this item with skirts, tight and respect her physique.


Taking advantage of [a link=””]Oversized[/a] shirts as a thin coat in summer is also a good idea. You can mix layering this item with funny T-shirts or tank-top prints. With an [a link=””]Oversized[/a] tank-top / [a link=””]T-shirt[/a] and jeans, you’re ready for fun in the sunny summer. Or, mixing with a tank-dress or a maxi dress is also the right solution for the tunes that still require dynamism and flexibility from the outfit.

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