How to choose a dress and dress for her big calves

Female readers who are 1m56 tall, weighing 50 kg, with big shoulders, short legs, and big calves should choose [a link=””]Costumes[/a] according to the following suggestions. Here are some suggestions for choosing the outfit that this [a link=””]Fashion[/a] category for you.


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Coat: Choose a shirt that fits, simple design, about hip length, when the shirt creates a moderate amount of swelling. You can also mix layers (layers) in the style of a loose shirt over a [a link=””]T-shirt[/a] and tuck the flap freely to become youthful, more dynamic, but note not to choose a dress with a bottom.

You can choose to mix layers and tuck to show a strong, dynamic style. Note the combination of high waistband pants to look longer legs.


With short legs and big calves, a high waisted skirt, a soft, long pleated skirt that just covers the calf is the most suitable. You are not tall but not too short so you can wear this dress.


The upper part should be chosen similarly to a shirt or skirt part or a soft letter A, long over the pillow, with a high waist.

When wearing long [a link=””]Skirts[/a] that cover your calves, don’t forget to wear heels or high heels to look taller.


With office trousers, the high-heeled design helps “stretch” the legs. The shape of the pants should be fit, neither tight nor loose. The stand hides the large legs and gives it an elegant look.

As for active jeans, you should also choose chiffon a tall waistline and slim tube that fits neatly, rather than wearing a skinny look.

Avoid wearing shorts, which will keep the other person from focusing on the unwanted spot. [a link=””]Shorts[/a] make your legs segmentable and look shorter.


Dark skin suitable for neutral colors such as mint green, beige, cream, light pink, light purple …, is both trendy, youthful and does not contrast with “fastidious” skin.

Material: Shirt should be soft, not rough. Trouser fabric is thick enough to keep in shape.

Accessories: Don’t forget about shoes or high-heeled sandals to improve the legs and have a more flexible gait. Avoid boots, as they also segment your legs.

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