Instructions on how to choose clothes for people with small breasts, small hips

It can be said that with your weight, height and three sizes, you are possessing the desirable body of many girls. Although not too sexy curves, but compared to ordinary people, basically, such a friend is quite reasonable, small hips. The only downside is that you have a slightly smaller bust compared to your physique and need to choose an outfit to overcome this weakness as well as make your bust more full and attractive.

Choose underwear – Breast lift bras

The ruffled pattern used in Victoria’s Secret lingerie is the perfect piece of magic for a woman’s bust to increase in size naturally and extremely sexy. Indeed, the corset behind the skirt is also one of the indispensable accessories for her to own a clip. Half-breasted bras are a great invention for flat-breasted girls. Plus another little trick for the shirt is the pressed cotton layer to help push the wearer’s chest up to help the breasts become full and full. Girlfriends should choose a shirt that fits the size of her chest, not too wide will lose her natural beauty

Shirts – Frill, pinch

To conceal a small breasts, girls should choose blouses with highlights with details such as ruffles, water ferns, pli or jewelry on the neck and chest. The neckline is also the key to making your breasts look bigger, big calves. Boat necks, frill lines or sparkling jewelry, these blouses have the advantage of momentum, increasing the femininity and seduction for you. Optionally, the girlfriend can use the pattern of horizontal stripes, using large capital prints will increase the size of your bust.

Choose a flare skirt

Since your bust is a bit small in comparison to your body, you should choose A-spread skirt and skirt to create a feeling of fuller hips. Do not wear tight [a link=””]Skirts[/a] and [a link=””]Skirts[/a] because they will make your body feel no curves.

Light-colored trousers

You have the advantage of height so wearing casual pants will enhance your shape. However, you should choose clothes light colored casual pants with rear decorations such as cut lines, toners or pockets to create a feeling of your butt being taller, round and more balanced. In addition, if you own a pair of long legs, then you should wear a pair of pleated tapered pants, bright colors such as cream, beige, white, light … or a pair of standing pants with a moderate length. , cross-pocket and rear pocket or fake bag, combined with a pair of flats, you will definitely look very active, modern and youthful.

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