The secrets of choosing outstanding and fashionable outfits

Everyone wants their image to be beautiful in the eyes of others, but due to some wrong decisions, the outfit makes you become fuzzy or even … weird. To avoid that problem, please refer to the six dress selection criteria below to always score for the charm, prominence and fashion.

Fit physique

This is the most important criterion that you need to consider before deciding to buy a certain type of outfit, no matter how much you like its design. If you have a acne-rich back or a fat waistline, you probably don’t want the other person to pay attention to this drawback, that’s why you shouldn’t wear a sexy open-back dress or crop-top. short) sexy …

With curved legs, hide them in sleek midi [a link=””]Skirts[/a] or elegant leggings, or [a link=””]Choose clothes[/a] for people with small breasts, small hips, or choose a [a link=””]Flared skirt[/a] for an irregular round 3, both overcoming unsatisfactory points and helping you become graceful. , more lovely.

The most important criterion when choosing an outfit is to match your physique. Don’t wear a sexy crop-top if you don’t have a slim, toned waistline.

Match skin color

Will not fret if you are lucky enough to have bright white skin, because any color is suitable for you. However, with dark, dark skin, even if you like vibrant colors, do not regret not wearing them. Instead, neutral tones such as beige, cream, light purple, mint green … still bring a youthful, trendy look without highlighting skin blemishes.

Appropriate for circumstances

“Nice” must go hand in hand with “fit”. It would be unsightly if you go for a job interview in a company with a serious environment but revealing clothes, or the image of a polite office girl with a closed neck shirt, pencil skirt and Tight high-heeled shoes are also not suitable for a fun, generous picnic …

Suitable for the weather

Don’t make yourself the center of attention without pride when [a link=””]Dressing[/a] cool in cold weather. The people around you will find you strange or shy, not admired or attracted.

You do not have to follow all the prevailing trends, but do not be too overwhelming in choosing outfits, making your image not appreciated. Every now and then, add a new item to your wardrobe with a trendy look and learn to mix flexibly so that you can effectively combine it with a variety of other outfits.

There are outstanding highlights. Sometimes, applying the criteria of “safe” mix too often will make your style become boring or even bland. Therefore, to always attract the attention of the opposite person, try to add a prominent highlight to the look, maybe a statement necklace (large version, impromptu design) to make the shirt. white is more impressive, or a brightly colored scarf will “light up” the entire dark-tone outfit.

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