Combining beautiful fashion with 2 colors of white – pink for her to blend into youthful summer clothes

White and pink – sweet best friends are always the ultimate choice for trendy girls. When the colors are dazzling and dazzling, the fashionista starts to miss this very sweet pair. Let’s take a look at some simple ideas for mixing white and pink clothes for attractive girls:

From the dotted accessories

Small accessories such as hats, shoes, purses with pink from light to dark are enough to highlight all of the girls’ simple outfits. Go to the sweet office with interesting pink items.

Mix white – pink colors like the cool breeze of the beginning of the season. Go to mix mixing with other colors. It will be great if your white and pink outfit has the dotted of pastel colors such as mint green, gray gray, lemon yellow …

Light pastel colors

The décor of light pastel colors makes the girls’ outfit with pink and [a link=””]White colors[/a] much more interesting. Just a pair of shoes or a bag that seems to be out of tone helps your outfit to avoid fading. White and pink are most popular when mixed with gentle pastel colors.

Mix white and pink tones

White and pink tones create a gentle and extremely feminine outfit. However, the girls should also pay attention not to let their outfits be too cheesy or too cheesy. Pink blazer, white pull and jeans [a link=””]Shorts[/a] for active summer day. Jeans are the best “accessory” to your feminine pink and white outfit.

It is not unreasonable that pink is called the lady’s color, because it gives the wearer a strange feminine and sweet look. Whether going to work or going to parties, cleverly mixing these 2 colors will give you a stylish, trendy look!

Youthful penetrating map

In particular, with the enthusiastic “promotion” of Vietnamese stars, sheer [a link=””]Costumes[/a] are becoming more and more familiar to the public. But they do not always give a positive impression to the wearer. Because, with the inherent penetrating properties, sheer clothes make many beauties become too indifferent, offensive or “old”. These are also the main obstacles when many girls want to wear this “hot” trend of outfits.

The simplest and most familiar option that you can apply is sheer shirts, this item will not make you much less weary compared to other sheer outfits. The only thing you need to pay attention to is to choose ton-sur-ton underwear with the color of the shirt. In addition, this item should be mixed with plain, prominent skirts, fashion trends, especially neon colors to make you more stylish and trendy.

Combining with pencil skirt with funny patterns and high heel sandals also makes you look elegant and youthful.

With sheer clothes, the safest options will be black and white tones. While the black tone evokes the charm, the white tone gives you fragility, femininity and sweetness. You can wear sheer lace with a short skirt in the same color as the “white-on-white” trend …

Another clever way for you to apply sheer clothes without worrying about “loopholes” is to use motifs. In which, polka dots pattern is the simplest solution. Not only that, the polka dots also add to the sweetness and charm inherent in sheer outfits.

In addition, other child motifs are equally useful. And, not only in the feminine style, you can mix the sheer patterned menswear with flannel pants and lacing shoes. Accessories like fold-over clutch will add a stylish touch to your set.

If you think that long-cut [a link=””]Skirts[/a] are just for dances, then you’re wrong. This item will be very different if it is paired with skinny jeans and one pair of ankle boots like this.

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