Beautiful summer fashion street coordination style

It seemed that this outfit only had a sweet and feminine style, but in fact, it was emphasized by her friend with small details but was extremely “expensive”: lovely rivet details on the collar and quality whether the skin of the skirt has turned the set of clothes into a very personality, not bound in pure gentle style.

Soft pastel colors

Summer is indeed the season of the throne of soft pastel colors. The chiffon fabric sleeveless shirt with beautiful cut-out details on the back is harmoniously mixed with the lovely flower pattern shorts.

The white-on-white style mix still proves his “hot” level with girls who like minimalism. In this set, she emphasized more nude color details from the bag and sandal to create more light, harmonious accents.

Denim shorts

Meanwhile, denim-on-denim is the choice for girls who like strong, dynamic style. A little variation with the familiar mix, this girl chooses a denim jacket with a very cool ombre tone to mix with denim shorts. Besides, once again we see the appearance of a croptop – one of the most popular items this summer fashion.

The contrast and contrast between the two styles of the sweatshirt shirt and the quitted metallic skirt is the point that creates the attraction for this set. With only two tones of yellow and black, not too many accessories, this is a pretty smart way of this girl.

The easiest way to mix

With everyday casual style, denim shirt over [a link=””]T-shirt[/a] is one of the simplest mixes. However, instead of mixing with familiar denim or skinny jeans shorts, this girl mixes with super cool patterned [a link=””]Shorts[/a] to create an interesting highlight. The combination with large watches, glasses and sandals makes her more attractive.

Feminine but personal style are the most accurate words to describe this set. Gently crop top with lace, lace skirt and lita boots in pastel pink color but with the highlight of brilliant gold oversized cardigan. The flower mane completes the set of her friend’s outfit and is also a surprising detail.

How to mix layering

Hot summer is not the season for mixing layering layering so patterned shirts and [a link=””]Shorts[/a] are the easiest way for you to stand out. However, this summer, try to get acquainted with the super personality creepers shoes because the shoes are a great item statement to create a highlight for any outfit.

At first glance, we can see that this girl has a pretty preppy style with A-shaped skirt legs, bowl caps, red-white two-tone peterpan shirt and red-and-white backpack. However, the shoes with iridescent details made a nice accent detail for her set.

Thin cotton material

This girl has demonstrated that minimalist high-heel sandals are capable of making any set of clothes and materials more elegant and feminine. Here, the thin, light cotton dress and baseball cap suddenly have a strange, super cool style. In the summer it is difficult to wear a leather jacket so she just wears it indifferently on her shoulders, becoming a bold, stylish detail for the set.

The statement necklace will contribute to make any dress or basic item more attractive and distinctive. This girl combined a simple pastel peach pink dress with Mary jane heels with a gorgeous statement necklace.

T-shirt in slogan

This guy has the grunge style of the 90s again; with a [a link=””]T-shirt[/a] with a slogan, torn jeans and Docs shoes. The checkerboard shirt tied at the hips became an accent detail, creating a difference for the set.

The vest is the choice for men who love to layering in the summer. Not too fussy, this guy layering a hoodie gile with patterned T-shirts, torn jeans and delicate white sneakers.

Navy tones

Elegant and masculine are two adjectives to describe this guy’s set. Choosing for his main navy color, he has a very sophisticated style. The warm red-tone bra is the “expensive” accent detail that few guys are likely to notice.

Meanwhile, this guy also has a very masculine style but is strong with a hoodie, a white T-shirt, and Converse shoes. This is the perfect outfit for guys when going to the gym.

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