Coordinate and choose chiffon material, gentle lace for travel

Besides sunglasses, floral dresses, and colorful dresses, do not forget to prepare yourself items of chiffon, lace or silk. With thin, soft and extremely feminine materials, they will make you much more attractive when you “drop figure” on a sunny beach, or under the shade of green trees in a resort in the desert. there.


With the feminine and graceful characteristics, there is nothing more matching chiffon, lace or silk than dresses. Choose for yourself simple and comfortable dresses such as A-skirt and fluffy skirts, they not only help you look softer, softer, but also spacious and suitable for long trips that require vigorous activity.

Simple flower dress combination

Of course, besides the cute plain color dresses, direct your attention to the floral pattern dress, the colorful colorblock. You can combine a simple floral dress with a youthful panama hat or colorful stone beads bracelets, with sandal or flats, lovely kitten heels. What about lace dresses? Big stone necklace layering or statement necklace, lanyard sandal, fringed handbag will turn you into a beautiful Bohemian.

Bikini cover

An indispensable item for the sisters when going to the beach, they are handy bikini-covers. Created to help women feel more confident when walking by the beach in a bikini, bikini-cover has both been discreet, youthful and still “open” to create a certain seduction and sexiness.

Bikini-cover chiffon material

And it would be great if you could find yourself chiffon-covered, lace bikini-covers to cover you while walking by the beach. It can be a simple lace strapless shirt, a waist-length shirt or a piece of scarf wrapped around the shoulder, “homemade” into a girly skirt. Add a wide-brimmed hat, a fabric or plastic tote bag, so you can confidently walk under the golden sunlight and blue sea, and still “show off” your standard body before the envious looks.

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