How to choose clothes and clothes to help pregnant mothers wear beautiful body shape

From a puffy face to chubby ankles, you really want to tell everyone that it’s because you’re pregnant, not because you’re too fat. The rule to choose your outfit is: emphasize length, not width.

Magic black

Wear a soft and feminine black top with simple black pants. The black from head to toe will make you look slimmer and longer, create a moderate curve and hide the impression of “greatness”. With this black “whole tree”, you should accentuate the accessories to avoid the heavy feeling of black while creating a noble look for your appearance. Combine with a gold-plated necklace, bracelet and watch as the golden sheen goes well with black for elegance.Finally, a comfortable shoe and a purse are an indispensable accessory. to complete your outfit.

Combine coats

Wear a neutral-colored cardigan (black, beige, gray, brown, khaki …) with a long, soft body shape and a loose fit over the body-hugging shirt (t-shirt or two-wire t-shirt, tank top for summer) dark color. Next let’s “trick” a little with long legs that are shown with boot-cut denim pants (lightly hugging the thighs and flaring the tube) over the spearhead shoes (or boot). And remember to pay attention to the length of the pants so that the bottom of the pants is always about 3-5cm from the ground to create the perfect effect of long legs; If the lower hem of the pants will make your legs shorter, too close to the ground will make you look very sloppy.

If you have a low stomach

The baby in your womb is in a rather low position, making your body look heavy and ready to be delivered all the time. The rule of dress for you in this case is to rebalance the body proportions by attracting the eyes of the outsider to the points outside the pregnant belly.

Look at the leg

Let your feet appear underneath your slump with a bold pencil-length demin dress and comfortable canoe sandal. Next, draw everyone’s gaze on the full chest of a pregnant mother with a strong coordination style with a large cluster or necklace.

Choose a slightly hugging shape and pay attention to the length of the shirt so that the shirt can completely cover your pregnant belly, creating a sense of neatness and dynamism, dispelling the heavy impression that the low belly gives. A cheerful colored cross-strap bag will be the final highlight to “lock” this youthful outfit of a low-belly mother.

Raise your waistline

The V-neck shirt not only shows off the full circle, but also raises the waist up high to compensate for the impression of the low belly. A mischievous sunglasses and eye-catching round earrings will create a highlight to help “catch” the attention of people on the top half of your body. For a more balanced body proportion, you can wear a medium-sized unbuttoned cardigan and wear soft jeans or bold boot-cut trousers. And as suggested above, this pants shape will “eat” with a pair of shoes with a slightly pointed nose.

If you have a high belly

Your tummy is so high that it will almost fit into your chest, and your body looks like an apple on a stick. The principle of your outfit in this case is: bundle a little bit of it, flare a little there to make your body look more balanced and feminine.

Contrast color arrays

You can separate your pregnant belly from your chest by wearing brisket dresses with contrasting colors separating the body and bottom of the skirt. Just combining with canvas shoes, colorful handbags and youthful necklace, you have chosen a very outstanding and suitable summer outfit.

If you’re not the type to be flashy, we’ve got another suggestion for you. Choose for a monochromatic sweatshirt or elegant shirt and combine with a slim belt gently below the bust legs and on the abdomen to separate the chest and belly. This style works well with both office and streetwear environments when combined with contextual handbag and shoe accessories.

Focus on the upper body

Choose a [a link=””]T-shirt[/a] or silk accentuated at the base of your chest to separate your chest from your belly. To help your legs look more balanced with your upper body, choose for yourself a pair of slightly flared pants. Suggested accessories to accentuate this outfit include a distinctive necklace, prominent sunglasses, nail-studded purse and a pair of imitation snake-skin flats. You look “slightly” sophisticated and trendy!

If you are a petite pregnant woman

You still look “tucked away” with a slightly protruding belly while you really want to tell the world “I have a baby in my belly!” The rule of choosing clothes for you in this case is: show off your pregnant belly, that’s it.

Click on the curve

A shirt with ruffled and duckweed details along the body will help highlight the curve of a growing pregnant belly. Another option to show off your happy curves is to choose a shirt with decorative details like a bow, a duckweed, or a bear-roll.

You can choose jeans, boot-cut or slightly flared with pocket to add extra curves to the lower body. Lastly, combine the accessories for your outfit with large earrings and large pendant for added depth with hand purses and metallic flats for a shimmering accent.

Dynamic plaid

You know, you are one of the few lucky pregnant women who can dress up during pregnancy. These youthful lines will help enhance your pregnant belly and add a little roundness to your slim figure. Choose t-shirts for pregnant women to fit your body and belly, combined with soft leggings or leggings.

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