Summer shorts with many materials cannot be ignored

Summer comes when you can comfortably wear cool, liberal clothes to confidently show off the perfect curves of your body. In addition to the feminine flowing dresses, the [a link=””]Shorts[/a] appear as a close friend in every young girl’s wardrobe, helping them confidently show off their long legs with a youthful and dynamic style.

With the constantly changing fashion trends, [a link=””]Shorts[/a] are now not only confined to hard fabrics like denim or rough, but it has been modified with many styles and designs on diverse materials such as silk fabric, lace, elastic …

Short jeans

It can be said that jeans shorts are one of the “traditional” styles of shorts. The short pants designed on denim material full of strength and freedom have long become one of the most popular outfits of women.

With just one pair of jeans, you can comfortably combine with many styles of shirts such as shirts, T-shirts, oversize shirts, tank top … to create different style outfits.

It is the comfort, dynamism and youthfulness that these jeans bring to the wearer that has captured the hearts of many fashion girls, becoming an indispensable part of their life.

Short high waistband

The high-waisted [a link=””]Shorts[/a] are often designed on jeans, raw or burlap materials … to stretch the legs, giving the girlfriend a dynamic, youthful style but equally seductive and sexy. .

This type of [a link=””]Shorts[/a] is usually designed with a wider tube than normal shorts, creating comfort and comfort for the wearer. The waistband of the pants with prominent big buttons or zippers not only creates an impressive highlight for the outfit but also hugs the waistline, creating the effect of making your waist slim and sexy.

Short fabric

This year, the [a link=””]Shorts[/a] made of soft fabrics such as silk, linen, suitable spa,… are popular and are creating a new “fever” by the elegance, grace and elegance that it brings to the wearer. Combined with chiffon shirts, German neck shirts, or thin, plain t-shirts with blazers, you will have a graceful, polite appearance and can confidently come to work.

Short fake skirt

Designed on a soft fabric with high waistband and wide tube, if at first glance you will mistakenly think of lovely short dresses. This is the short dress, which is very popular recently.

This type of [a link=””]Shorts[/a] usually comes in two styles, the tube is designed wide to create spread or has a fabric sewn up with natural pleated like a real dress. This outfit creates a feminine and soft look while still helping you to be comfortable and confident in everyday activities.

Short lace

With the lace trend “landing” strongly in fashion, the [a link=””]Shorts[/a] designed on lace material have also become a popular new trend this year. Feminine, soft and rhythmic are the characteristics that lace [a link=””]Shorts[/a] bring to you. You can confidently combine with chiffon shirts, bat wings, t-shirts … to enhance your natural gentle beauty.

Short vignette

If you are planning a trip to romantic beaches, short vignettes are the perfect choice for you. With many diverse and rich motifs such as plaid, plaid, polka dots, floral prints … you will become active and stand out in the vibrant summer.

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