Coming to Phan Thiet, we can not ignore the specialties of the hot pot

Phan Thiet attracts visitors not only by the beautiful landscapes but also by the diverse and unique culinary culture. At this point, you will definitely have to try two specialties that are only craving for them: fatty fish with fat and hot pot. Fatty convex fish Convex fish have slippery skin, at first glance like a ray but smaller and not have a long tail.

This is a fish species found in Binh Thuan. The fish meat is chewy, the bone is soft and has a sweet taste, so it is used for processing into many dishes that bring delicious flavors that are hard to describe such as: convex fish soup, garlic, pepper or chili but the most attractive. is a fatty fish [a link=””]Dish[/a] rolled with grease.

For those who love to eat rolled dish, the fatty fish wrapped in rice paper roll is not to be missed. Convex fish is processed by steaming like other sea fish, then pouring onion fat over the fish body, giving a [a link=””]Dish[/a] that is both fatty and fragrant scent of onions. Served with raw vegetables, fresh noodles, rice paper and a cup of fish sauce made from bunches of tamarind and fragrant young tamarind leaves.

Take a thin piece of rice paper, add vegetables such as lettuce, basil, perilla, banana, cucumber … a little fresh vermicelli, fish meat, roll it up and enjoy with a slightly sour, slightly sour sauce. Sweet fatty fish meat blends in the cool flavor of vegetables, very delicious and does not cause a feeling of gust.

HotpotThe hot pot is a folk [a link=””]Dish[/a] stylized by the professional chefs of Delicious [a link=””]Vietnamese food[/a] and upgraded to a unique [a link=””]Dish[/a] with a very characteristic taste of Mui Ne beach.

Presented on a bamboo plate lined with banana leaves with ingredients such as fresh vermicelli, fresh vegetables, boiled bacon, sliced ​​eggs and sesame rice paper. The main ingredient of the hot pot is fish that Phan Thiet just caught. Apricot fish is still fresh, sliced, marinated with spices to taste. When eating, all of the above ingredients are mixed with a special sauce made from bananas, peanuts … The stocked hotpot water is cooked from fresh shrimp, especially the lobster head, making the hot pot a bright red brick color. eye-catching and extremely seductive scent.

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